Data Verifying

Ensure the integrity of your customer contact data

Are you squandering sales opportunities due to inaccurate customer data?
Is your email bouncing because you are sending to nonexistent email address?

Global IT Users' data verification service provides an opportunity for our customers to avoid using incorrect data. Our automated and manual data verification process scans, verifies and normalizes data to produce accurate, up-to-date data.

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Common Data Mistakes:

  • Incorrect phone Numbers
  • Wrong Email Address
  • Inaccurate Mailing Addresses
  • Incomplete Data Values
  • Redundant Data

Data Verification Benefits:

  • Reduce cost of mailing and shipping returns
  • Increase Email Delivery
  • Enable accurate decision making
  • Assure data quality
  • Catch junk or suspicious data

Avoid giving bad data to your sales team

Global IT Users' dedicated data verification service tackles data quality at the point-of-entry and scrutinizes existing data. With the help of our dual verification system (manual and automated), you can significantly improve the quality of data.

Leave this thankless but important job of managing the data to us.

To help you get started, Global IT Users' experienced data consultants can help you with all aspects of your data enrichment project.

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