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A technology list, as with any other list, is as good as the quality of the contacts it holds. This is a universal truth in the data industry and whoever seems to rule the industry has been able to keep this as a cardinal rule. If you have a well and up to date data set in the technology industry, it becomes easier for you to get better results from your email campaigns. It's a simple equation that not many are aware of. Businesses tend to purchase more lists when they see their metrics dipping.

The solution is technology append. Global IT Users offers you technology append as a service that can really change the pace of your email marketing campaigns. With our append solutions, here are the benefits that you will gain.

  1. Higher open rates and click through rates
  2. Lesser cost of acquisition of a lead
  3. Lesser burden on marketing
  4. Higher customer retention due to better and faster interaction
  5. Increase in traffic to website

Under technology append services, you can choose between a variety of sub-services that match your requirement. They include-

  1. Phone append
  2. Email append
  3. Postal address append
  4. Social media append
  5. Reverse append

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We suggest a combination of these services for optimum returns as appending is a process that depends on the contact status and also the various subsets within the dataset itself. We have a master database against which your data will be matched. Its fast and efficient and lets you keep your marketing calendar ticking and your lead generation running.

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